Clinic Tour

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The outside of our hospital



Reception Area

A clean, spacious reception area offers a warm and friendly welcome for our patients. 
Waiting Area

Client Waiting Area

Exam Room

Exam Room 1

Two exam rooms afford a private area for your pet to be examined and for you to discuss your pet's needs with the doctor.
Exam Room

Exam Room 2

Many serious diseases can be prevented through routine physical exams and vaccinations. 

In-House Lab 1

Our in-house labs allows us to perform a wide variety of diagnostic testing.
In House Laboratory

In-House Lab 2

Our labs are stocked with diagnostic equipment, which minimizes our need for outside laboratories-allowing us to get results quickly. 

Treatment Area

Our treatment area is one of the busiest parts of our hospital throughout the day. Each morning all hospitalized and special needs boarding patients are seen by our doctors in this room. 
Dental Cleaning


Our Dental area is where we perform all of our dental services including teeth cleaning and polishing, complete oral exams and extractions as needed.
Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental Radiology can help identify problems areas in the teeth, jaw and under the gum line where problems can go unnoticed. The digital x-rays can be developed within seconds and sent to Specialists if the need arises.

Digital Radiology

Our facility has a Digital Radiology area equipped with everything needed to produce and develop quality radiographs in a matter of minutes. 

Surgical Suite

Our hospital contains a state of the art surgical suite. We have modern monitoring systems in which a veterinary technician is assigned to each surgical case to monitor the patient before, during and after surgery.

Surgical Suite

Our Doctors perform routine spays and neuters as well as soft tissue surgeries such as mass removals, hernia repair, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, and bladder stone removal.


We offer internal medicine consultations and abdominal ultrasound with Dr. Geraldine Kaufman DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, and cardiac consultations and echocardiograms with Dr. Michael Miller MS, VMD.